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Do you want to be eco-friendly and also cut your expenses on electricity and gas? At Dorn Electric we are proud to be the solar panel installation specialists, and we are here to explain this process to you. Our professional solar company installers who have spent years in the industry and the provision of quality services makes it easy for us to provide you with solar solutions to fit your energy use. 

Our Expertise

Why Choose Solar?

Harnessing the sun’s power through solar panels is a smart investment for both your wallet and the environment. Here’s why solar is gaining popularity:

Reduced energy bills

Solar panels help reduce your electricity expenses considerably and in some instances, it is possible to achieve near zero expenses.

Environmental sustainability

Clean solar energy has no greenhouse gas emission hence playing a vital role in eradication of climate change.

Increased home value

The houses with solar systems can be more appealing than those of the traditional type while the houses with solar systems can be sold with higher prices.

Energy independence

Such have the advantages of increasing the consumer’s control over the generation and use of electricity, as well as the degree of independence from the grid.


Customer Service

Further, it is our policy to offer exceptional service to our clients and not only until after installation. We provide continuous services of maintenance and backing with a view of making it possible for the systems to offer the best services for the next number of years.

Licensed and Experienced Installers

We deal with a team of licensed solar panel installers who are fluent in installing solar systems due to their previous successful projects. We respect safety measures hence follow all recommended procedures to guarantee the smooth and efficient installation of your solar system.

Customized Solutions

Since each home and business establishment are different, we comprehend that they also have varied energy needs. For instance, if you are an industrial user, our professionals will evaluate your needs and arrive at the best solar system that gives you optimum energy conservation and the most reasonable costs for the equipment.

Quality Products

We only work with credible manufacturers to ensure that we offer durable solar panels and all the accompanying units.

Financing Options

We’d be glad to explain the various ways in which you can leverage financing for solar and receive incentives that would make solar cheaper and easily accessible.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

We take pride in our streamlined and customer-centric solar panel installation process:

Step 1
Initial consultation:

First, we soon to understand your energy goals and budget.

Step 2
Site assessment:

Some of the factors that our experts consider include the size and arrangements of the solar system in your property.

Step 3
System design:

They need a tailored solar solution to harness the sunshine and generate the optimal wattage while reflecting their taste in decoration.

Step 4
Permitting and approvals:

We secure necessary permits and clear all legal formalities to meet local permit requirements successfully.

Step 5

In this final step, our professional installers do so diligently to ensure a quality completion of the service.

Step 6
System activation:

It is also used in the process to bring your solar system to life, and confirm its operational efficiency.

Step 7
Ongoing support:

Thus, our service includes regular support and troubleshooting to ensure your system’s proper operation.

Join The Solar Revolution!

Solar power is financially feasible and changes for the better in terms of its impact on the planet. By choosing to work with Dorn Electric, you can be certain that switching to solar energy is the right thing to do to reap the numerous benefits provided.

To book your free consultation with us today, call our national head office and let us help make your dreams come true of a better, more achievable environment.

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