Top 6 Benefits of Installing an EV Charger at Home: Save Money, Go Green & Enjoy Convenience

Several benefits come with installing an electrical car charger at home. And these benefits are rising even more, thanks to the transition of more people from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). Someone asked me, why electric vehicles? And I responded to him, “Why not electric vehicles”. It’s an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. In this blog post, we will explore 6 benefits of installing an electric car charger at home. 

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Key Highlights

  • Installing an EV charger at home improves the value and the appeal of your home, putting it in higher demand in the real estate market. 
  • Charging your electric cars at home saves you time and effort when compared to queuing up at public charging stations.
  • Installing an EV charger qualifies you to enjoy tax credits and rebates from the government.
  • By charging your vehicle from home, you can control your charging in such a way that it sustains the longevity of your EV battery.
  • Smart charging features are crucial to maximize the available benefits of installing EV chargers.

Different Types of EV Chargers and How They Work

But now, let us first analyze the types of your EV chargers and how they function before moving to the most crucial part, that is, the benefits of utilizing them. Some popular options include:

  • Level 1 chargers: These are optional and are available for your electric vehicles. The units generally operate from a standard 120-volt receptacle commonly found in homes and offices. However, the disadvantage with these is that they offer a lower charging rate of, 2-5 miles per charge hour.
  • Level 2 chargers: These charge faster and can be charged at the rate of about 10-30 miles of range per hour. The circuit they give is the electrical circuit with 240 volts. Particularly, they are the most popular home charger type and they are suitable for charging a car overnight.
  • Wallbox Pulsar Plus: This is a particular type of level 2 charger and can infuse power into the car. Its design is unique, it sports Wi-Fi connectivity, and it also has power-sharing capacity. For electric vehicles, it can deliver power for charging at the rate of about forty amps.
  • Tesla Wall Connector: This is designed by Tesla and specifically for Tesla Vehicles alone. It offers up to 48 amps and is easily synced with the Tesla app to easily monitor and schedule charging sessions.

The Top 10 Long-Term Advantages of Installing an Electric Car Charger

There are a lot of benefits that make installing electric car chargers at home a worthwhile investment for homeowners like you. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Increased home value and appeal with an EV charger installation

With the crazy increase in the sales of electric vehicles in America, having an electric car charger or EVSE is sure to be one of the asks of future home buyers, especially as over 90% of EV drivers prefer to charge their vehicles at home. Statistics have it that there was a 60% increase in EV sales from 1 million in 2022 to 1.6 million in 2023. As more people switch to electric vehicles, the demand for homes with charging infrastructure is also on the rise.

So, installing one today won’t only benefit you now, but you’ll have your future thanking you as well when you decide to sell your home. It surely will make your home more appealing and environmentally friendly, which is a good selling point in today’s real estate market, helping you sell the property at a reasonable price. 

2. Convenience of Charging at Home

One other advantage we cannot but mention is the convenience it offers. You can charge your electric vehicle whenever you feel like, without having to worry about finding a charging station in a busy parking lot. Installing an electric car charger at home for home use cancels out the stress and struggle of many EV owners today, who are searching for public ev charging stations. This is one of the best ways to avoid this struggle, especially during busy hours.

Imagine driving to work just to discover you are low on battery. Installing one at your home solves that issue in the most convenient way. You can simply plug your car at night and wake up to a fully charged battery in the morning. This not only saves you from stress, it also saves you time. You can then invest the precious time you would have used in making detours or waiting in line at charging stations in profitable things. 

3. Reduced Electricity Costs with Off-Peak Charging

Now let’s talk about how it can save you money. Installing an electrical car charger at home can reduce your electricity costs through off-peak charging. Off-peak charging is charging your vehicle (or any device actually) at times when electricity demand is low. During these times, many utility companies drop their electricity rates, resulting in significant savings to your wallet.

So, you consume equal or more electricity, but end up paying less. Having an electric car charger in your home makes it easier to take advantage of these lower rates and charge your vehicle during off-peak hours with the option to choose the amperage that works for you. With an electric car charger at home, you have the flexibility and total control to charge your electric vehicle at times when it’s most cost-effective, helping you save money long-term.

4. Supporting environmental sustainability by installing a home EV charger

It’s no longer news how fossil fuels and diesel vehicles are endangering us all on this planet. What better way can we show our support for our planet than investing in technologies that oppose fossil fuel technologies? And EVs are one of those loudest technologies. 

Therefore, installing an electric vehicle charger is a display of your unwavering support for the planet and the environment. For every charging cycle of your EV you complete at your home, you potentially reduce your carbon footprint. 

Integrating other renewable energy sources like solar electric panels further supports the health of our environment. It’s advisable that when installing your EV charger, reach out to a contractor that incorporates it with solar panels. You present your quota to a sustainable future by installing an electric car charger in your home. 

5. Eligibility for Tax Credits and Rebates

This is also a way to save money. The American government and many utility companies appreciate citizens who have a concern for the environment and provide them with incentives that encourage them to keep up the good work. Be sure to be qualified for such incentives when you install an EV charger at your property. These incentives help you offset the initial cost of purchasing and installing the charger, making it a bit more affordable for you. Over here in California, the government provides rebates and tax credits to everyone who has an EV charger installed at home, especially if the installation is done by an experienced electrician.

6. Enhanced Battery Life for Electric Vehicles

Installing an EV charger at home enhances the battery life of your electric vehicle. Let me explain, charging your EV batteries is like charging your smartphones. If you have a quality charger at home, you can plug your phone overnight and have a full charge by morining. It charges slowly and steadily (this consistent charging helps prevent battery degradation and keeps the overall health of your battery in top condition). 

But if you have to rely on public chargers, where you line up and get your phone quickly charged, you are most likely to get a quick boost but this repeated quick boost damages the battery quickly and reduces its overall lifespan. 

Having an EV charger in your home allows you to charge your EV batteries in a controlled, consistent, and optimized way. This will avert the consistent reliance on public fast chargers. 

Smart Charging Features, and How They Can Improve Your User Experience

Smart charging features are features that can’t be enjoyed unless you have an EV charger at home. Many EV chargers come with smart charging features and these features are there to give you a better user experience (or should I say, owner experience). It allows you to monitor and control your charging process, controlling how fast your EV batteries are charging. 

Smart charging EV chargers are usually synced with your mobile device or an online platform that provides you with real-time data on your charging status, energy usage, and energy expenses. This smart charging feature is crucial if you want to take advantage of off-peak hours. They provide you with convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, making your charging experience efficient and enjoyable. It helps you maximize the benefits of having an EV charger at home. 

Can any electrician install an EV home charging station?

While any licensed electrician can technically install an EV home charging station, it is recommended to work with an electrician who has experience and knowledge in EV charger installations. A qualified electrician will ensure that the installation is done correctly and meets all safety requirements.

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