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With the increasing trend of electric cars in the market, there is a growing need to establish the necessary power charging accessories. Dorn Electric is well-positioned to be at the cusp of this EV evolution, offering full-service charging solutions for homes, businesses, and industries.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of EV charging services, including

Site assessment and design

You can contact our professionals to come to your home and do an assessment of your electrical system and power supply. 

Charging station selection

Our professional electricians will conduct and accomplish all the work in connection with the laying of trenches, conduits, electrical wiring, and connection to the grid of the charging station.

Network integration

We can seamlessly integrate your charging stations into your existing electrical infrastructure or design and install a new dedicated network to support your charging needs.

Maintenance and repair

We also provide frequent maintenance and repair services to ensure that the charging stations are in good condition.They can also help to prevent issues that would require more comprehensive interventions from arising in the first place.

Consulting and project management

We offer consulting and project management for any type of project, whether large or small, related to EV charging. 



Our team has considerable experience in the installation of EV charging stations, having conducted installations for residential, commercial, and even municipal and governmental clients.


We always follow modern advancements in EV charging technologies and market progress, meaning that we will deliver you the most innovative and effective charging systems possible. Each of our team members receives professional development to guarantee that they have adequate knowledge and skills to implement any EV charging project.


We do not disregard safety while evaluating potential sites, during construction, installation, or any subsequent operations. Our electricians are specialists in the installation of EV charging stations and abide by the safety regulations to the letter. All the materials and equipment we use in our production processes are of high quality and conform to all the set safety standards.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

The management of Dorn Electric embraces EVs as the future of transport. We are determined to establish strong support for the shift towards electric transportation by developing universally available charging stations. We are committed to ensuring that charging EVs should be as easy as filling conventional gasoline-fueled vehicles, with a view of alleviating greenhouse gas emissions hence a healthier environment.


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